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Client education has never been so important

As an industry, we have faced unprecedented change and challenge.

Together, we have an opportunity to help reshape and rebuild.

From our extensive, behavioural science-led customer and adviser research, we’ve learned how life insurance customers feel about the industry, including:

  • Trust is critical, and isn't currently at the levels it needs to be
  • Customers want to know that their interests come before shareholder value
  • The complexity of life insurance is intimidating. Customers need our help to bridge the knowledge gaps they have
  • We need to eliminate uncertainty and deliver value, by demonstrating that claims will, and do, get paid.
If we don't take steps to engage and educate customers about their cover, we risk eroding the value of insurance. We risk making it harder for you to attract and retain your clients.

So, we've built the tools to help.

This is the start of our journey together towards a better experience for your clients.

The solution is Clarity

We’re giving you the tools you need to engage and educate your clients – instilling in them a new level of certainty and understanding when it comes to their life insurance.

1. OnePath Clarity customer website

The OnePath Clarity customer website features a comprehensive digital library of videos, animations, infographics, articles and compelling stories addressing the six key areas of concern to life insurance customers. All content has been created using behavioural science to simplify life insurance fundamentals.

Visit for more.

2. White-labelled content

Using content from OnePath Clarity, we’ve built a library of white-labelled, fully customisable content designed to help you demonstrate your insurance expertise.

Each document below contains our content in both article and social media formats, giving you flexibility on how you want to use it.*

Getting started – the value of advice and insurance

Educate clients on what to expect from financial advice and the importance of several parts of the life insurance journey.

Science behind why we need life insurance

A look through the lens of natural human behaviour and behavioural science

How to prepare for the appointment

Checklist and steps to understand before your clients first appointment

Power of Disclosure

How disclosure can give your client a level of certainty at claim time

The insider’s advantage

Little-known things your client should know about insurance and how it works

6 questions to ask a financial planner

Questions to ask a financial adviser before being covered

Myths about insurance you need to know

Debunks some of the common misconceptions that are eroding trust

Understanding premiums

Everything your clients need to know about how their premiums are calculated, and why they sometimes change.

Affordability options

For customers needing financial ‘breathing space’, we've compiled a list of available options.

Why premiums go up

There’s more to premium increases than your client might think

How premiums are calculated

What’s really behind the number your client sees on their renewal notice

Difference between stepped and level premiums

Why this is such an important decision for the cost of cover over time

Ways to buy and own insurance

List and limitations that need to be considered

What is indexation and how it works

Why indexation is built into insurance and options for accepting or declining it

Building confidence in claims

Articles that build certainty by explaining the claims process, including how we make claims decisions.

Do life insurers really pay claims?

Industry statistics that give your client confidence should a claim need to be made

Why there's more to life insurance than money

After claim support can be just as life changing as the claim payment

Reviewing your cover

Educate clients on the importance of reviewing their cover, and what they should consider to get more control.

Upcoming renewal reminder review

Contrasting policy benefits, amount covered, and price being paid

The easy way to top up your life insurance

What future insurability means and how it can be used to increase cover

Why it pays to review to your cover

How your client can get the best value from their policy

Wading through complexity

Simplifying insurance by breaking down the critical things to know about various types of cover.

There are 4 main types of life insurance

Explore the 4 main types of cover and how they can help

TPD cover - 3 things your client needs to know

Key Total Permanent Disability (TPD) cover options and what they mean at claim time

Trauma cover - 3 things your client needs to know

Key trauma cover options and what they mean at claim time

Life insurance - 3 things your client needs to know

Key life insurance options and what they mean at claim time

Income protection - 3 things your client needs to know

Key income protection options and what they mean at claim time

3. Your step-by-step guide to delivering Clarity

Marketing with Clarity is a practical guide that walks you through how to deliver white-labelled Clarity content to your clients in the most effective way – helping you deepen your client relationships and deliver value. The step-by-step guide includes:

  1. Setting up the basics to help you understand the various communication channels available and the best way to use them – setting you up for successful client engagement.
  2. Recommended Content Programs¸ to allow advisers to plan their Clarity content marketing activity, personalise their communications, and ensure they are sending their clients the right messages at the right times.
  3. Enhanced marketing masterclasses and tips through _ZONE, our adviser education platform.
  4. Get a head start on your planning with a 12 month pre-filled communications calendar.
    Download Content Calendar
  5. Ready-made newsletter and flyer templates below, allow you to insert your logo and any white-label content for a speedy but considered communication.

To make the most of this content, speak to your BDM to find out more.

* OnePath Life allows financial advisers who have been given access to the white-labelled articles to customise its content and logo including any relevant disclaimers and send to clients via email or social media without having to seek the prior written consent of OnePath Life.

Important information

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