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Lifecycle ongoing communications

Lifecycle ongoing communications

Our ongoing customer 'lifecycle' communications

The engagement experience for the majority of life insurance customers feels like complete silence between renewals.

That's why, as part of our Clarity campaign, we've rolled out a series of brand new customer touch points throughout the year, delivering clarity, control and value.

The sends are timed with where each customer is in their annual policy cycle, with the aim to deliver the right educational content to the right customers at the right time.

Month 1 - Thank you for renewing

Email that customers will receive one month after joining/renewing.

Focus: Insurance 101, a reminder of what they have and how it works.

Month 5 - We pay claims

Email that customers will receive midway through the year.

Focus: Instilling claims certainty –‘we pay 9 out of every 10 claims’.

Month 9 - You have control of your policy

Email that customers will receive a couple months before renewal.

Focus: Pre-renewal considerations –how to review your policy.


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Lifecycle ongoing communications