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Adviser use of Clarity white-label content

Adviser use of Clarity white-label content

Sample of Adviser white-label content in use

Using content from our customer website, OnePath Clarity, we’ve built a library of white-labelled, fully customisable content designed to help advisers in their engagement with their own clients - irrespective of who those clients are insured with.

By providing content that can be customised by the adviser, we're partnering with advisers to help them amplify their brand, demonstrate their insurance expertise, and supporting their own engagement and retention activity.

True to our commitment for ongoing engagement, we have provided over 45 editable article, social media posts and flyer/newsletter templates,  200 free images, and animation videos that advisers can use.

All of this content is supplemented with a 30+page detailed DIY Marketing Guide, that shows advisers how to set up their marketing channels, and how to package up and use Clarity content for maximum client engagement.

Below is a sample of advisers talking about and using our content.

Adviser websites

Keyperson Life Insurance specialists

Master your money now

Jennings Financial Services

Sydney Financial Planning


Personal Risk Professionals

Odyssey Advisory Service

Leon Jones

William Buck

Sample Adviser testimonial

"Clarity is an elegant and streamlined solution to the challenge of providing those outside of our industry with a comprehensive overview of the life insurance space. Presented in a style, language and format that is easily digestible and easy to engage with, Clarity successfully strikes the balance between presenting the information plainly, without oversimplifying."
"In our business, we’ve found Clarity to be an incredibly valuable addition to our onboarding program to provide our new team members with industry and product learning in a self-paced environment that they can interact with in a way that suits their learning style. For those team members joining us in a non-advice role, Clarity has been critical to providing a strong foundation for developing their understanding of why and how we do what we do at Steadfast Life."
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   - Ellen MacDougal, Business Manager, Steadfast Life

Adviser discussion Groups

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Adviser use of Clarity white-label content